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2 workouts for the price of 1

*A package with 2 workouts:

- 1 month of Strength training

- 1 month of Acceleration training


In volleyball you not only jump but you also need acceleration force to reach the ball, you need power to turn the ball, impulsion + acceleration in the arm to serve.

All of this can be called Quick Strength, your body has little time to react with as much force as possible.

The Fast Strength protocol is responsible for laying the foundation with absolute strength training and increasing your body's strength and power in the first month.

In the second month you will do quick strength training that is focused on your drive, strength to attack and not having joint pain due to excess in the gym.

Fast Strength Training for Volleyball

  • *IMPORTANT NOTE: when paying for this product, you will receive 2 emails. Check your spam folder!

    (One email contains the ebook about the consultancy and the other has instructions for the APP and the BONUS)