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My story

A personal trainer and teacher who fell in love with the experience of teaching and being able to change lives, I'll tell you how I started...

How it all began

antes e depois izack martins
depois izack martins




It all started when I lived in Cuiabá-MT and like every fat person, I was starting to realize that something wasn't right, I started to "work out", at that time I was still studying Law.

I even weighed over 100kg, vish!


izack na academia
izack definição corporal
izack na academia


After 4 years I managed to lose 30kg and completely changed my mindset and way of living, habits have completely changed. I ate pasta at dawn to watch a movie lying in bed and drinking "lung stain" juice

physical education College

izack na academia


I was studying law and working in a metallurgical company, I only had the money to pay that famous "academia de quebrada" for which the monthly fee at the time was "50 contos".

But I realized that I loved teaching people what helped me to revolutionize my life, I love talking about exercises and training every day!

I started talking on the internet about how I did the exercises and what each one was for and then I realized that a legal career would not be my job.

izack agachamento
antes e depois
izack crossfit
tcc apresentação


I graduated in Physical Education with MAXIMUM GRADE and then it all started, I am graduated and registered by CREF-PB.


izack martins dando ao de crossfit


My story with crossfit started during graduation, the city was in a fever, everyone was doing CF and I... smart kid... I wanted to learn how to teach this, it was 3 years in this environment and part of my work methodology has based on CF training.

izack treinando crossfit
izack dando aula de crossfit
izack praticando levantamento de peso


izack sendo aluno com professor de tenis
izack jogando tênis
izack dando aula de tênis para projeto social


Tennis is a love that is still platonic, I love this sport, I already took classes and stopped due to the rush of life, but one day you'll see me competing for the championship!

My father plays tennis for over 30 years (the one in the photo is not my father) he always encouraged me to play, as a child I took classes with a teacher who was part of the ATP at that time I lived in Cáceres-MT.

Through my experiences with tennis I've even worked on a social project here in the city of João Pessoa that trained new Physical Education professionals and has always been training better citizens.​


izack campeão de kettlebell esporte
izack praticando free style com kettlebell
izack treinando kettlebell esporte


Kettlebell was the way I used to be different in Crossfit, nobody knew how to use it with such love as LPO was in CF, I decided to live for it, result; I was the Brazilian Champion of Kettlebell Sport by WKSF.

I got this far because I had a coach (and it was online).

Functional training



My first internship was in a Functional Training academy, when I entered graduation, the fever was TF, everyone did functional circuit. In this gym there was a mat on which I did some BJJ training, a sport that took my name to the East, yes I have already trained a BJJ world champion.

During the world crisis, the gyms closed and I had the opportunity to train Roosevelt here in my laboratory, when he went to the United Arab Emirates, he arrived already winning a championship!

izack com campeão mundial de jiu jitsu

beach tennis

izack ingressando no beach tennis
izack jogando beach tennis


izack dando aula de funcional beach tennis

If you've read this far, you've noticed that I'm always on the lookout for updates, I've been through several sports and different ways and types of training, one thing they all have in common, physical training.

Beach volleyball

izack treinando atleta de volei de praia
izack alongando com atleta de volei de praia


atleta de volei praticando musculação com o treinador izack martins
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