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Cancellation, refund, exchange and service provision policy


The plans listed on this site have no cancellation, as they are products where full payment is made at the time of purchase, therefore, there is no refund of the total or partial amount.  

If there is a reservation in the PERSONAL PRESENCIAL EM JOÃO PESSOA plan , where the client/student must personally deal with Coach Izack Martins, and cancellation may be granted.


If the cancellation is agreed by the client/student and Coach Izack Martins, the refund will be in the total or partial amount (taking into account classes given, absences and advance notice of cancellation), made directly to the client/student's account by means of pix or bank transfer.


Dealing with online products, where they are made available  digitally after confirmation of purchase, with the customer/student being offered the download link, these cannot be exchanged. About online services such as Online Training and  Online Trainer  will it be possible  the exchange only if an upgrade is requested from a lower value plan to a higher value one (in this case, the exchange upgrade will be from Treino Online to Treinador Online), within a period of up to 48hrs, after this period and there is a need for extreme exchange, please contact us through the available chat  in the website.

service provision

When confirming the plan online, the client/student immediately receives in his email (from a questionnaire containing investigative questions to better draw his profile. After sending the email in response (client/student to and attaching the duly answered questionnaire, the maximum period for sending the training plan by Coach Izack Martins will be 24 hours. The other services listed and offered in the plans (corrections, recommendations, instructions) will be done through the messaging application (whatapp).

Inserted in the questionnaire, there are statements that show the clarity and awareness of the client/student about the training and information provided in the questionnaire. Affirming the accuracy of all information provided and pledging to notify (through messaging applications or calling) Coach Izack Martins (CREF-PB 005952), in case of any change that may compromise the practice of recommended physical exercises and physical and mental integrity.

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