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Court Volleyball

For athletes who want to jump more and have more agility

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Beach volleyball



The MIV methodology is used by the best physical trainers for beach volleyball athletes in the world.

8 weeks of Training


Week 1-2is for you to initially learn the exercises and get the dynamics of the training, then you should be able to pick up the pace and increase the loads.

Week 3-8you will be able to perform the training better and get the most out of the protocol.

Court Volleyball

In volleyball you not only jump but you also need acceleration force to reach the ball, you need power to turn the ball , impulsion + acceleration in the arm to serve .
All of this can be called Quick Strength, your body has little time to react with as much force as possible.

The Fast Strength protocol is responsible for laying the foundation with absolute strength training and increasing your body's strength and power in the first month.

In the second month you will do quick strength training that is focused on your drive, strength to attack and not having joint pain due to excess in the gym.

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Yago Mateus professional basketball player running with the ball



The time has come to improve your basketball game with a specific strength training program.

If you are interested in specific training for Basketball, to
jump higher , have more movement in the game and an accurate shot , all without joint pain ...

This one's for you!

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